Classic Garden
Enhance your garden, deck, patio, and backyard with items of grace and
classic appeal.
Outdoor Living
Function and style meet to create these outdoor gems that will decorate and
enhance your "room outdoors"
Casual Elegance
Tasteful additions that add warmth and elegance to every room in your home.
Around the World
From the four corners of the world comes this varied assortment of treasures
that reflect the cultures and styles of distant lands.
Shabby Elegance
Understated "antique decor" that calls on memories of fine parlors and sitting
rooms, presented now in affordable style
Candles and Scents
Enchanting items to beautify your home and lift your spirits; from romantic
mood lighting to sensual aromatherapy.
Sea Breeze
Nautical delights bring the seagoing spirit to your home - no matter how far from
the shore you may be!
Bath and Body
Bath and Body products to soothe your senses and ease you into luxury!
Countryside Kitchen
Create a fun, cozy kitchen in the country tradition with these whimsically themed
Household Essentials
Stylish yet practical, these household necessities feel like luxuries.
Enhance your world with scented oils, incense, the captivating perfume of
potpourri and more.
Song of Africa
The heart of this vast continent is captured in finely detailed masks, hand-crafted
folk-art and intriguing figurines.
Beautiful Beasts
The animal kingdom is represented in beautifully crafted figurines, collectible
plates and exotic-animal prints.
Spirit of the West
The rich heritage of the Old West is represented here by vases, lamps, statues,
wall sculptures and figures.
American Pride
The dignity of a nation is presented in pewter; wood, glass and metal with these
wall-hangings, lamps, birdhouses, clocks and eagle sculptures.
Myth and Pride
From dragons and magicians to marvelously crafted collectible swords, the lore of
the middle ages is presented in many forms including glass, pewter and steel.
My Little World
Visit the land of childhood with beautifully adorned collectible dolls, miniature tea
sets, magic carousels and charming music boxes.
Whimsical Wildlife
Leaping dolphins, hummingbirds and other fanciful creatures and captured in
figurines, candle holders and sculptures.
Luminous Visions
Light dances off spun-glass flowers, illuminated sculptures and frosted art pieces to
add sparkle and luster to home and office.
Divine Inspiration
See the miracle of each new day with this elegant collection of faith-inspired
All That Glitters
Stylish adornments from pendent necklaces and bracelets to unique earrings and
birthstone charms make thoughtful gifts.
Kid's Corner
From playtime fun to memories of childhood, these toys, photo frames, bookends
and nursery items make great gifts and collectibles.
Fabulous and Fun
From glitter to glamour, from pens and key chains to character mugs and more, this
exuberant collection is a sure-fire favorite
Collector's Corner
The king of rock and roll; the queen of comedy, depictions of classic vehicles and
musical metal sculptures add fun to your decor.
Life of Leisure
Relax and enjoy leisure time with classic chess sets from the medieval to the modern,
golf items and more!
From the Heart
Gifts created in plush, fiber optics and glass spark the emotions and gladden the heart.
Fragrant Delights
These scents, soaps and grooming sets make perfect gifts for friends, loved
ones......and you!